Monday, February 6, 2017

♫...the sound of ice in a bottomless glass...♫

When the world is in such chaos, when you're faced with a barrage of constant bad news, ignorance, and's easy to find yourself wanting the comfort of the familiar. Even if it's bad for you.

I think it's natural, in the face of so much bad, to automatically desire what has given you a sense of peace in the past. It seems like a comfy, warm security blanket that you can wrap yourself in, and perhaps feel a sense of ease for a little while. It's only human to want to feel a measure of comfort.

What do you do when it's bad for you though? What do you do when it's not possible? What do you do when you don't even really want it? What do you do when it's a completely damaged, dirty, smelly, security blanket that needs to be left in the trash? Why would your brain even register that as a comfort when there are new warmer, softer, sweeter smelling choices? Why brain? Why? You grey, wrinkly motherfucker? What is your damage?

Typically, when my ghosts begin to haunt me, I'll drown them in whiskey and hit up my lover. However, I seem to be between lovers at the that just leaves me and my dear old friend Jameson. Will you keep me warm, old friend? Help me to forget the horrors of the world for a night or two? Can I find a few moments of calm and comfort in your warm, amber kiss?


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