Thursday, January 19, 2017

♫...You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back...♫

One thing I've learned from this last break up is how to cut off people at the least little sign that they are using me or taking me for granted, lying to me, or treating me in any way that makes me feel hurt.
Doesn't matter if it's friends, family, lovers, or people I'm dating. Once you make me feel insignificant or worthless, I'm done with you. I will cut all emotional ties. The end.

Good or bad, I've decided that not everyone deserves my presence in their lives. I have amazing friends, we don't always agree and we can annoy the ever-loving-fuck out of each other...but they never make me feel like less than an amazing person. They don't take advantage of me, or lie to me. I am truly grateful for them. Then there a people who come into my life, gain my trust...and then lie to me constantly. Like, I'm not worse than the FBI, CIA, and NSA put together. I notice the least little change in behavior. I know how to uncover what you're really doing via social's not that goddamn hard when it's there for the whole world to see if they just look. There's nothing I hate more than being lied to, and I was born with one superpower: I know when people are lying. Lie to me, and I'm done with you. I will never believe you again.

If you treat me like I'm insignificant, like I'm replaceable, like a piece of trash you can just throw away without matter what our relationship is...we're done. I might not have the healthiest self-esteem, but if I give you my time you're goddamn lucky to have it. If you're lucky enough to have me, and you choose to lie to me and make me feel replaceable and don't get to have me again. Ever. End of discussion. Shoulda stopped to think about how much you'd regret it later (seriously, they always come back at least once). Fuck off.

The difference is, I'm not going to sit around and be sad about it. I'm not going to mope and investigate and cry. I'm just done. I'll sever the attachment, and you will not have access to me, my attention, my time ever again.


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