Wednesday, November 16, 2016

♫...You barely try but you're rad...♫

  Recently I woke up with the attitude, "Fuck it! I am witty, intelligent, attractive, and magical! If someone doesn't recognize that, and doesn't want to spend time with's their loss, not mine".
I'm not perfect in any way, not by any stretch of the imagination...but I'm still a goddamn magical creature. If I grant someone the opportunity to get naked with me, and they are turned off because I don't have a flat stomach and I do have stretch marks...fuck 'em. There's plenty of other people who don't mind a little belly pooch and some tiger stripes. I'm not here to be a perfect, plastic barbie-doll-wet-dream-come-true. I don't expect my lovers to have a perfect Ryan Reynolds type physique. Hell, I thought my ex's beer belly was adorable as hell...and it in no way stopped me from wanting to be on top of him 24/7! I'm done feeling bad about myself for not living up to whatever fantasy/expectation someone has of me. I'm rad as fuck just as I am.

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