Friday, November 18, 2016

♫...I'll be forever grateful to this and you...♫

 When you are going through a break up, everyone will try to comfort you by telling you that it will all, eventually, be okay.  At the time, when you feel like your entire world has been obliterated, it seems trite and unhelpful. Then one day, you wake up, you go about your day, and it hits're okay. You don't miss them. That suffocating pain in your chest is gone. You've finally made it out of  the darkest days.

  That's not to say that the love is completely gone, but it is different. I met my most recent ex when I was 14, and I've been fond of him in some form or fashion ever since then. When we were a couple, I gave him my whole heart. I let down all my walls, and held nothing back. My love for him was true, without reservation, and I loved him completely as he was. I honestly thought I had found my person. My forever. So, I think that part of me will always love an extent. However, I'm not IN love with him anymore. I can wish him happiness, and I can let him go. I can move on with my life, and be happy.  I can have fun alone (or with a special friend) for  a while, and I can be open to one day finding someone else to love as much, if not more. Someone who will give me the same kind of love and attention that I give them. No begging, no worries about faithfulness, just an unwavering knowledge that my heart is safe with them. Because that's what I deserve.


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