Thursday, November 10, 2016

♫...Everyone's hands cause natural disasters...♫

My guys winning the World Series was the best part of this year.

I feel like 2016 has kicked the shit out of me.

Here we are, in November. Post-election.
The way I felt yesterday completely obliterated anything I felt at any point earlier in the year. Here in the buckle of the bible belt, the KKK distributed pamphlets around town, and today I see reports of them marching in various other places. There are children crying to their teachers because they've seen their mothers crying all night, worried about being deported. I have LGBTQ friends who are worried for so goddamn many valid reasons. I have friends who depend on the Affordable Care Act to survive worried and scrambling to find out how they are going to survive, since Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are dead set on making repealing it their highest priority. Women are scrambling to find ways to ensure there's as little chance as possible that they will get pregnant, as there's every chance that our right to choose could be stripped from us, and made illegal. I've listened to friends who are sexual assault survivors cry about how having a sexual predator elected president makes them feel. Let me tell you, as someone who has been groped (as a fucking 5-year old child) the way our President-Elect was recorded encouraging someone to do, it's goddamn terrifying, triggering, and rage inducing.
To tell people that they don't have valid reasons to be worried about their safety, or the state of our nation is appalling...and, quite frankly, ignorant to the platform/ideals that the president-elect's campaign was ran on...and the voting history of his VP choice.

So, yes, I feel like 2016 has kicked the shit out of me. However, I think my personal issues with this year, the pain and utter depression I've experienced has made me claw my way out of hell to get to this point. A point where I refuse to lay down and accept whatever is thrown at me like a meek, lifeless pawn to circumstances. I will fight with every breath that is in me. For myself, for my friends, for my family, for complete strangers who are being brutalized and intimidated.

2016, you may have knocked me down lower than I have ever been before...but what you've created by doing that is a woman who is stronger than I ever possibly thought I could be.


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