Sunday, October 30, 2016

♫...make mistakes and I'll forgive you....♫

I am absolutely over giving a good goddamn what you think of me...
...and by 'you', I mean anyone in my life who clutches their pearls, raises a judgmental eyebrow, or mutters a pretentious comment (either to my face or behind my back) about my behavior.
First of all, if the way I conduct myself in the public sphere has your panties crawling up your ass, I can guarantee you that my private life (that I'm very protective and discrete about) would make your hypercritical mind explode. Secondly, and most importantly, life is too short and too precious to waste one moment worrying about what others are going to think about me. Yes, sometimes I make cringeworthy, dumbass mistakes...and I learn from them. Making mistakes doesn't make me an imperfect person, it makes me human. Furthermore, what some people might call a mistake, I call a great story I can tell to make the nurses blush when I'm in assisted living.
I'm not stupid.
I'm not hurting anyone.
I'm enjoying this one goddamn short and beautiful life that I've been given.
You can either shut your goddamn mouth, and stop being so critical of others...or you can find yourself on the outside looking in.


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