Thursday, September 8, 2016

♫...Who knows which letter just might be the last...♫

I can't handle any of this anymore.
I lost the person that I thought was the love of my life.
Every day is a goddamn struggle to deal with all the bullshit  and keep breathing, then stuff like this happens.
So, back in Feb/March whenever my now ex was in the hospital last, I left him at the hospital to go to work. I was exhausted and visibly upset. This guy who worked at the Shell station wouldn't just let me pay for my coffee, and leave until I added him on Facebook, even though I explained that I was very much in love with someone. He was like, 'I'm married I just want to be friends with people who love pit bulls as much as me'. So, as I am too nice, I did it and forgot about it. I never spoke to him again. Tonight, when I made a joke about online dating, he did this (below), and for some reason I've just fallen to pieces...if he's going to make things up to fit his delusions, then I don't feel bad about not removing his photo and name. I hope his wife is okay with his flirting.


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