Tuesday, September 13, 2016

State of the Union Address - September 2016 edition

I kind of feel like beating my head against a brick wall.
People are so goddamn frustrating today.
Maybe it's in the stars, and there's something to this Mercury Retrograde bullshit.
Maybe it's a severe lack of sleep on my part.
Maybe I need to learn to meditate and do yoga (thanks, Sharon, I'll get right on that after my colonic* and full frontal lobotomy).
All I know is that people are being goddamn stupid as hell today, and my brutal honesty is not going over well with said ignoramuses. You know what? If you can't handle the truth, don't fucking ask for it. If you ask for it, be prepared to hear things you may not like.
I'm not going to tip-toe through the tulips around your fragile sensibilities if you are going to be so goddamn stupid that it lowers the collective IQ of everyone forced to share the same oxygen as you today.

Here's what I need:
I need everyone to stop being so goddamn stupid.
I need to get drunk tonight...not in a crowd/at a bar...with someone I can have a GREAT conversation with.

*Fun note, I googled to make sure I spelled colonic right, and there's a place down the road called Healing Waters...seriously?!?


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