Wednesday, August 3, 2016

♫...Your lips are moving but i'm not listening to you...♫

  I really do not like it when people threaten me in an attempt to keep me from doing something.
Example: "If you do this thing I don't want you to do, I'm going to do something that will negatively impact your life".

I've had boyfriends do it. I've had friends do it. I've had family members do it.

  I am 36 goddamn years old. I am entitled to make my own decisions, no matter if they are good or bad for me. Threatening me in order to keep me from making a decision you don't like is controlling and manipulative. It's abusive behavior, and I will not fucking stand for it.
If I decide to make an unpopular decision, it's my prerogative. It's my life. I will live with the consequences, but I should not have to face some kind of petty, vindictive behavior because of someone's woefully misguided attempt to 'protect' me from myself. My livelihood shouldn't be threatened to ensure that I make a decision about something that hasn't even presented itself, and probably won't! It enrages me...and almost assures that I will make the decision just to piss you off if it ever does come to pass.

  Sweet baby velociraptor Jesus on a taco! What makes people think that they can do this? I'm a grown ass woman. I guess I shouldn't be surprised in a culture that still thinks it's okay to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body, and slut-shames us in an attempt to control our sexuality/us. It's one thing to come to someone you care about and say, "Look, I'm honestly concerned that if you do X-thing you're making a bad decision, and it's going to make you unhappy. I care about you, and I only want the best for you"...but to tell them, "If you do X-thing, I'm going to fuck up your world because I don't want you to do it, and it's for your own good". Fuck. That. Noise.


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