Monday, August 8, 2016

♫...She loves me; it's not just in my head...♫

My parents have had chickens on and off for a few years now. They got their second flock in May of 2014. This was the first flock that I had anything to do with, and I became very attached to all of them. The first night we had them one little chick somehow found herself wrapped up in duct tape. I wasn't home when it happened, but my mother rescued her. In the process a bit of her fluff came off. I was afraid she wasn't going to make it, but instead she became fearless. I called her my little punk rock chick because of that...and her missing fluff. My mom named her Gracie Lou Freebush. That was the last hen I allowed her to name...

Gracie was the first to jump in my hand. If I didn't have food for her, she'd peck at my freckles. Something she still does.

Gracie was one of 3 little chicks that took to me right away. She, Amelia (Mad 'Melia), and Louise (Lou Lou) would come to me, let me hold them, and fuss at me if I didn't bring treats...or if I held one longer than another.

L to R: Louise, Amelia, and Gracie standing defiantly in her food bowl.
My little band of punks. 
Gracie would fall asleep in my hands if I sang to her.
She was probably faking so I'd stop singing.

  She has been my little beauty little diva...from day one. Always one of the first to run up to me, she has never been shy about demanding what she wants. She's definitely not camera shy either.


  I love all of my very much...but Gracie and Amelia hold a very special place in my heart. Thursday I found Gracie withering away in the yard. She didn't have any of the sass I'd grown to love about her. She had no desire to do anything other than lay in the grass. Her sisters were not being kind to her either. I took them all some watermelon, and any time they would come around, Gracie would stop eating. My little girl is all skin and bones, and her comb has changed to a purple color and flopped over. All signs pointed to a heart/circulatory problem. 

Gracie Lou before: All sass and attitude
Gracie Lou Thursday

I brought her inside Thursday evening. A large dog crate was turned into her sanctuary, and she fell in love with my cat's bed, were she lounged like the queen she is all day Friday. Saturday and Sunday I decided that if I'm going to lose her, I'm going to make her last days as comfortable as possible. Gracie and I were inseparable all weekend.

I set her up in my room, and we had breakfast and watched Netflix
She had a couple of Epsom spa baths

Followed by a blow dry and pedi that she slept through
Then we went for a drive. Turns out, she likes being my copilot.
She insisted on a side of rice as her first fast food experience
 We spent the weekend cuddling, eating, and watching a lot of guilty pleasure TV. I love this girl so very much, and it is breaking my heart to see her deteriorate right before my eyes. When I put her in her crate for the night, I go back to my room and cry. My heart is breaking so badly. She seemed a little more perky yesterday, but not enough to make me think she is recovering Right now, I'm just trying to make her as comfortable as possible, while letting her know how very much she is loved. People may think I'm crazy, but these girls are my children...and they deserve love and care as much as any other being on this planet. They have feelings, they are intelligent, caring, loving animals. Gracie Lou deserves all the love and kindness in the world...and if these are her last days, I am going to make sure she spends them being treated as special as I think she is.


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