Wednesday, August 31, 2016

♫...Let's get reborn tonight like a phoenix in bar lights...♫

Science tells us that romantic love is basically an addiction.
When you're dumped, thoughts of your former beloved make your nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex light up like a Christmas tree. These area of the brain are associated with motivation and reward, as well as craving and addiction. You see these areas fire up like crazy with addiction to cocaine and nicotine.

Thankfully, despite what Sex and the City may have told us, science says that it typically takes 3 months to recover from heartbreak. Apparently, after three months most people are able to look at the breakup from a more positive light. Meaning that these individuals can look at the situation, and say 'I've learned something from this' or 'This has made me a badass bitch, and I'm amazing'.

Well, I've reached the 3 month mark, and I am better. I've come out of this seemingly overwhelming pain a much stronger and confident person. There's not a crushing weight on my chest when I think about him anymore. I haven't cried myself to sleep in a while. Do I still love him? Does part of me still miss him? Yes to both. However, I know that once I move on it will dissipate. I will probably always care about him...but once my heart moves on, it is usually for good.
And for the first time I feel like I've broken my addiction, and could be open to moving on.


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