Friday, August 26, 2016

♫...let fall past your lips a siren's kiss...♫

I bought a new wig...and it makes me feel like a majestic fucking fairy princess. 

There's a fairy tale masquerade happening on my birthday (in October), and I used that as an excuse to buy a beautiful wig from Black Candy Fashion. It is a little longer than boob length, and is 2 different shades of pink. When it arrived in the mail yesterday I immediately put it on, and pranced around the house for the rest of the evening. Before I put it on, I felt kind of 'blah' and unattractive, but the wig somehow miraculously made me feel like a gorgeous, badass, mythical creature who lures men to their watery grave with just the dulcet tones of my voice.

This is how I want to feel all of the time. Every. goddamn. day.  
Okay, maybe not the luring men to their death part (maybe), but definitely the gorgeous, badass and mythical creature parts. 
Why the hell shouldn't I feel like this all the time? I don't give a fuck if I don't meet your ideal beauty standards...or if you think I'm weird. You don't have to like me. I like me. 
You want to know a secret? It's okay to like yourself. I know that there's this weird girl culture of feeling like you can't say that you think you're attractive. Example: The scene in Mean Girls when the Plastics are pointing out their own flaws as they look at themselves in the mirror. Another Example: When someone compliments you, and you immediately feel like you have to say how bad something on you looks/how you need to lose X number of pounds. I'm guilty of it. Almost every woman I know has been at some point. I'm trying not to do that anymore...and it's hard. Especially because we don't want to appear vain. Well, fuck it. Think whatever the goddamn hell you're gonna think about me. I'm gonna be over here feeling like a fucking magnificent little pixie.


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