Friday, August 19, 2016

♫...Give us back our sins, deadly one through seven...♫

7 Deadly Sins Edition

Gluttony: I can eat a whole pizza by myself in one sitting. Usually with ranch dressing. Maybe even some crazy bread...and half a pan of brownies. I LOVE FOOD, GODDAMN. JESUS, GET OFF MY BACK.

Greed: My mom says I'm extremely generous because I like to buy things for other people. I'm very greedy with my books though. I don't like lending them out. I am Smaug, and my books are my horded Dwarven treasure. I just lost 3 of my favorite books in the breakup because I really just didn't want to have to deal with going to get them/seeing him at the time. A great example of why I don't fucking lend my books out!!

Sloth: Sweet baby velociraptor Jesus on pizza crust, I am so goddamn tired lately that I don't feel like doing anything. I need to clean my room, but all I seem capable of doing is laying on my bed with a chicken perched on my leg, a cat draped across my head...and a pizza box on my stomach.

Wrath: When I get angry...I get really, scary, Hulk SMASH type angry. When I went through the anger stage of my recent breakup it was REALLY REALLY bad. I mentioned in a previous post that my parents bought me a big ass knife for my 'bug-out-bag'. They wouldn't let me have it (or see it) because they felt like I was too stabby, and the source of my wrath lived too close. I'm completely over it now, and I don't really get angry over anything anymore...except abuse (people and animals). I will fucking unleash my wrath on anyone who harms another living being. 

Envy: I am envious of people who can style their own goddamn hair so perfectly. Mine always looks like it's been styled by a 5 year old on a sugar high, or an act of Mother a hurricane. I just bought a good quality wig...that's how bad I am at doing my own hair.

Pride: I'm going to be painfully honest for a second. After breaking down and begging my ex not to leave me when he finally broke up with me, I felt like I had zero pride left. It was the worst goddamn feeling ever. So, I'm not going to feel bad at all when I have a sense of pride in how I look, how I feel, or the things I accomplish. I may even feel an overblown sense of pride at little things I do, IDGAF. I'm goddamn awesome, gorgeous, funny as fuck, and anyone who has a problem with my attitude can kiss my nicely shaped ass.

Lust: Yes, all I think about is sex. All day, every day. There's a 99% chance I'm thinking about having sex with my crush/celebrity crush at any given moment (the other 1% is food). No apologies. 


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