Tuesday, July 19, 2016

♫...Overhead bloodthirsty vultures circle patiently...♫

I woke up this morning (after a night of heartbreaking dreams) with THIS song stuck in my head, and a desire to just lie down in traffic. So, I'm going to take enough 5-htp, caffeine, and acetaminophen to completely dull my emotions, and bring on that IDGAF feeling in order to give you...

10 Things I Just Don't Care About Anymore

1. My Instagram: I really, truly do not give one flying fuck if you think I post too many photos of myself on Instagram. If that makes you want to unfollow me, go right the fuck ahead. If you know me, you know that I don't really think I'm attractive...and I'm not doing it for a bunch of attention. I do it for my own reasons, all of which are none of your goddamn concern. 

2. Opinions On My Previous Relationship: You want to continuously tell me that I was a complete idiot for staying so long, or for not being happy that it's over? Go fuck yourself with a weed eater. 

3. My Eating Habits: I will eat what I want, when I want. I don't need anyone to police what I do or do not eat. Your vegetarian jokes are not funny. They make you look/sound like an asshole. 

4. My Healing Process: Look, I told him that it wasn't going to be pretty, and if he can not give me a fucking hard time for my behavior...you can shut your goddamn judgmental-ass mouth. I'll be self-destructive and selfish for a few months, and then go back to being Miss-Level-Headed-Health-Obsessed-Sweet-Angel-Of-Taking-Care-Of-Everyone-But-Herself.

5. My Writing: You think it sucks, huh? Well don't bloody fucking read it!

6. My Body: I'm not model thin. I have stretch marks, cellulite, and a belly pooch. I don't look like the girls you see in magazines, TV./Movies, or porn. If that's what you're looking for, good goddamn luck with that...I'll be over here not giving a single fuck that you don't find me 'attractive enough to date publicly'. 

7. My Living Arrangements: Yes, I went through a rough period, and I moved back in with my parents. So. Fucking. What? At least I have awesome parents who are willing to help me get back on my feet, feed me, and love me. You know what happens now that I'm finally finished digging myself out of all the mess that came with me having to move back home? I am financially stable enough to buy my own goddamn home. Me. No one helping me. ALL ME...and I'll be able to afford the payments all by myself

8. The Way I Dress: Yeah, okay, so I tend to dress like a hungover Disney villain meets professional dominatrix meets cosplayer...or Alice in Wonderland on crack...and your point is?

9. My Language: Fuck.Off.

10. My Sexuality: Why shouldn't I embrace my sexuality, and be unashamed to show off my body or express my desire in whatever way I choose? I'm not hurting anyone, and it's really no one's business but mine, and anyone else who happens to be involved. Don't want to see half naked photos of me? Don't follow me on Twitter. If I want to be intimate with someone without being romantically attached to them...is it really any of your business? No. Normally the people who are so busy judging others and slut-shaming them are just people who are jealous that they aren't doing the same. I do what I want. You mind your business. Fucker.


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