Monday, July 18, 2016

♫...I hate you, but I love you...♫

'Sup, y'all? It's Monday morning and I'm full of caffeine, 5-htp supplements, and sarcasm. 
One or two of you may recall that back in 2012 I wrote a Breakup Survival Guide, and #1 on that list was to avoid music at all costs...for a while. I say that because, for me, music effects me on a very deep emotional level, and when my emotions are raw this can be a very bad thing. Case in point, I'm already laying on the floor crying...if I hear Therapy by Tony Sly chances are I'm going to jump out of my bedroom window into the 'sticker bushes' (is that just a Southern US phrase or what?) below. 

Hopefully, eventually, we all come to a point where our state of mind progresses to 'FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!!!', and we need some 'I-will-survive-because-I'm-a-glorious-badass-magical-awesome-unicorn-and-fuck-anyone-who-has-the-balls-to-hurt-me' type anthem music. Fortunately for me, I am a member of an awesome little local group of ladies on Facebook, and there have been a couple of posts asking for recommendations on music post-breakup. I'm going to share a few of those, and add a few from my own stash.

**Disclaimer: I feel the need to state that I don't hate my ex. I hate some things he's done, but I have no animosity towards him...and I want him to be happy. Some of these songs are in the vein of 'You're an idiot and I hate you', but that in no way reflects my feelings towards him.**




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