Thursday, December 31, 2015

♫...None of this shit's gonna matter at all...♫

If any of you happened to read this blog back when it actually displayed quality material, you'll know that I don't make New Year's resolutions. In fact, I've often gone on long tirades lambasting the whole idea of 'New Year, New Me'. I think I've grown enough as a person to no longer rant and rave about the whole idea, and accept that some people need this tradition I'm still not making any goddamn resolutions though.

I will instead make goals.

Busty Zombie Hookers From Space presents 
Whiskey Sour's Half-Assed 2016 To-Do List

1. Make out with my handsome boyfriend more: Seriously just like rub up against him like a cat in heat...anytime, all the time, everywhere.

2. Imitate a sloth: once a week just lay in bed, Netflix and chill with a large cheese pizza. Wallow in the selfish 'me' time while it's still an option.

3. Stop the transformation back into Jabba: it took me 4 goddamn years to lose 120lbs. Gaining 30lbs in the last 7 months while in a happy-flowery-lust-fogged-love-bubble is to be expected...but it's now time to get off my ass and back to work.

4. PET ALL THE ANIMALS:...that's pretty self explanatory.

5. Put my insanity on display: or in layman's terms, write more. Delve into that dark, twisty, deranged psyche of mine and pull out the amusing, erotic, fairy flocking stories that litter my brain...causing me to stare off into space...and run stop signs.

6. Continue to give zero fucks:...about what small minds think of me.

 photo tumblr_lzq2diTAon1r066zfo1_500.gif

That's it...fuck off...have a fun New Year's Eve...& make the world a better and more interesting place in 2016.


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