Monday, April 27, 2015

When the music hits...

I have a history of dating musicians. It's not something I consciously seek out...even though there is just something about a hot, sweaty drummer that really makes me what to rip my clothes off and rub up against them like a cat in sort of just happens. Inevitably when we begin talking, the question always arises 'What music/bands do you listen to?'. This question is intimidating as hell when you're me and talking to someone whose life is mostly centered around music. What if my answer makes them not want to make out with me?! What if I insult them by not mentioning their band(s)? What if I come off as some sort of groupie by mentioning their band(s)? It's a goddamn minefield, and at 35 I refuse to tiptoe through it. Instead of rattling off what I think they want to hear, and omitting my 'guilty pleasures {*cough*musical theater*cough}', I prefer to talk about WHY I like the music that I like.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I remember joyfully losing myself to the music as I danced to my biological father's albums as a child. Music was my refuge as a teenager, and led me to an amazing group of friends, many of whom I am still close to. I would go far as to say that music almost completely shaped my life as a teen and young adult. As an adult, I can't go a day without listening to my old familiar favorites, or discovering something new (to me). 

So what is it that I like about the music I listen to? I like how it moves me. How it elicits an emotional response from me. I love how a song can take me from feeling so goddamn low that I want to throw myself into traffic to wanting to dance down the street. Music is a special kind of magic that hits me right at my emotional core. I love how a melody can make my body want to move. As a writer (sort of), I love lyrics that explain things I often can't find the right words for. When both combine to create something so amazing that it flows through you, stimulating mind, body & soul it is akin to what some would call a 'religious experience'.

For me, talking about my favorite bands, or the songs I'm currently listening to on repeat, is almost like letting someone have a glimpse into my heart. There's too much potential for rejection to reveal that much on a first date.

Since you lot are used to me carving my heart out & plastering it here, below is what I'm currently listening to on a daily basis: 

Electric Arc ~ Man or Astroman?
Makes me want to make I seriously just want to launch myself at someone and wrap my legs around them...every.time.

I Am A Revenant ~ The Distillers
I have a serious amount to rage in me towards a certain situation that has fucked me up for the last 8 months. Screaming this song really helps.

Heart Is A Beating Drum ~ The Kills
This song makes me dance with a lot of hip action. Lots of undulating hips, and lots of happy!

Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass ~ Amanda Palmer
First off, the title was taken from a N.W.A. lyric. 
Amanda Palmer has a stunning way with words, and the lyrics to this song completely, 100% describes how I feel at this point in my life...especially the bit about blowjobs.


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