Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Crush Has a Wikipedia Page

My crush...
my impossible,
out of my league,
make my panties melt
has a Wikipedia page.

He is the human equivalent 
of a chocolate covered 
custard filled
Krispy Kreme donut.
I want to devour him,
moaning in orgasmic delight.
...and he has a damn Wikipedia page.

Unfortunately, I am a mere mortal,
with stretch marks,
a crooked smile,
and questionable fashion sense...
whereas, he has a fucking Wikipedia page.

My filthy humor is appreciated on Twitter.
My boobs are admired on Instagram.
There are maybe 3 people who read my the whole world...
but he has a goddamn Wikipedia page!

It's just a crush...
an admire him from afar,
never gonna happen in this lifetime, 
he doesn't know I exist,
I want to attack his face with my vagina,
and sweet baby raptor JESUS on French toast, he has a Wikipedia page.


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