Monday, April 20, 2015

I've Lost My Appetite

I am done 
with this twisted, toxic mess.
This rotten wreckage of what could have been a glorious banquet.
It has left a bad taste in my mouth
from almost the very first bite.
Yet, I kept coming back for more,
convinced I was starving,
and that I should be thankful 
for whatever crumbs were thrown to me.
When the first taste was offered,
I thought you would be good for me,
nourishment for my weary soul.
The more I let you in
the more it became obvious 
that you were, instead, a poison to my spirit.
You've been coursing through me too long,
making me high under your attention,
and so goddamn low when I cease to exist to you.
I'm like a junkie begging for another fix,
and I am so disgusted with myself.
Today I remember who I am,
I will pick myself up off the floor of this cage,
no more living on the scraps tossed my way.
You do not treat a goddess
like an inconsequential thing
unless you want to be roasted,
and devoured whole.


Ralph Marion said...

Wow!! I said it before to you, and I will say it again. I felt every word. Powerful stuff here. Whoever this is to, I hope they are listening clearly.

Whiskey Sour/Ruby Strawberry said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment! I really struggle with putting anything I write 'out there'.
As far as the gentleman goes, he doesn't care enough about me to be interested in what I write. I wish him nothing but the best...but it's time to move on!!!

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