Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Can Save Myself

I am made of magic
a deep rooted, arcane power
that allows me to see the enchantment
flowing through this world.
I am a bit fairytale.
I dance with the fae,
and have Afternoon Tea with dragons..
The sirens are finally teaching me to sing.
My bare feet caress the earth,
and I hear her gentle humming.
The wind tosses my hair about,
and beckons me to come and play.
My world is alive with beauty and fascination,
but you don't believe in magic.
You look at me and see nothing
except a girl you find lacking
in all the superficial ways.
You want a plastic princess in need of saving,
and I am a battle born sorceress who can fend for herself.
I have let you dim the magic in me for too long,
hoping you'd return and not find me wanting.
Never again.
I am a raging inferno,
a bewitching goddess of wonder.
Why should I hide my radiant light
in fear of blinding a mere mortal
who trades a treasure he's been given
for a few rusty trinkets?

{Written at my favorite spot in Avondale Park}


paul hofnagel said...

Bravissimo! I was hoping for something beautiful and powerful like this when I saw your photo.

Whiskey Sour/Ruby Strawberry said...

Thanks, sweetness!! That park tends to inspire me :)

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