Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In Your Wake

The spicy taste of whiskey lingers on my tongue 
as I watch you from the corner of my eye.
Your gaze caresses my skin,
and I feel it
as if it were your hands.
The effect it has on my body is more potent than the whiskey:
My cheeks flushing
Tender areas pulsing 
Heart racing.
I can't meet your eyes.
Desire is too plain to see in mine,
naked, raw lust shining from their depths.
The craving to touch you,
to bury my fingers in your dark hair,
as I taste your lips,
it burns through my veins...
and I feel drunk on my need.
How long has it been
since someone's mere presence 
has had such a heady effect on me?
I want you to back me into a darkened corner,
and put your strong hands
where your eyes were roaming,
as I press my needful body against you.
...but you pass me by,
and I am left, 
a howling inferno,
in your wake,


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