Monday, May 27, 2013

♫...I've got a bad case of loving you...♫

If love is a disease, & you realize the strain you've contracted is going to kill you, do you cut off the source of the infection like it's a limb with a zombie bite? Do you just cauterize the wound, and hope for the best?

...or do you just let it run it's course, remain optimistic, & hope it gives you some kind of goddamn superpower once  you're done writhing in agony? 
Oh, yay, look! I'm now Unrequited Love Girl. Watch me defeat bad guys with my tears of Forever Alone, & Wails of Infinite Loneliness! Come, my 30 kitty minions!

 photo tumblr_m3iovuUcnh1qzetr1o1_500.gif


The Dreamer said...

Those kittens are dangerous. They kill you with cuteness and tiny little fang bites.

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