Monday, December 10, 2012

♫...We've got the strongest compatibility...♫

I ventured back into the gritty underbelly of online dating...yes, I reactivated my OKCupid profile. I think I made it a whole 48 hours before deactivating and swearing off dating again. A new record, I think.
Online dating doesn't work for me. Here's why:
1. I rarely return messages from people I DO know. I'm busy.
2. I tend to prefer to go out with people I already know when I have the RARE couple of hours to spare.
3. I'm a bit shy at first.
4.People get on my goddamn nerves. Not all people...but I seem to get a lot of obnoxious messages on OKCupid....which tends to kill any desire I have to write anyone back.

...but the social experiment must continue.

What I hate most is that people don't seem to care about the compatibility aspect of any of it. If you say that you're a bunny loving, carrot eating, Time're going to be contacted by bunny killing, carrot hating, Daleks. Call me crazy, but I fucking care about compatibility. My friends are a motley crew, many who think VERY different than me, and have different beliefs. I like that in my friends (provided they are not annoying, hate filled, bigots). I don't like it so much in a significant other. Call me crazy, but having drastically different religious and political views seems like a recipe for disaster. Case in point, my favorite Sociology professor often told us stories about two of her married friends. One was a psychologist, and the other a. ENT, so two well educated people. They often fought about their drastically different views. Once, during an election year they got into a monstrous argument, & then quit speaking to each other. Then one 'poisoned' the other. Not enough to kill them, that was not the goal, just enough to make them sick (a la Something To Talk About). In retaliation, the one 'poisoned' threw their partner's brand new camera in the pool. Not the healthiest way to deal with your differences, but I guess it works for them.

Back to compatibility and me. I don't necessarily need someone who agrees 100% with me all the time. Where's the fun in that? However, if I voted for Obama (and I did), & you voted for dad would probably love you, but I would more than likely stab you in your sleep. I'm upfront on OkCupid. I lay it all out good and my bad. My beliefs, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, etc...I hold nothing back. Then I get messages from users like GunNut69, TeaPartySomethingOrOther, and GetErDone saying things like 'I want to lick Cheese Wiz off your tits'. What.the.fuck?!?!

What do I look for? Someone who makes me laugh. Someone I can be myself with. Someone who makes me feel beautiful when I don't have a bit of makeup on. Someone I can curl up on the sofa with and watch Doctor Who/Zombie movies with. BETTER YET, someone who I can build a fort with...sit in it and eat and watch things and make out. Someone I can kiss and love on anytime I want. I am very affectionate, & you'd be surprised the amount of people who are NOT big on affection of any kind. I like hugs, snuggles, kisses, touches. Yes, I'm a sexual being, and I believe a sexual chemistry is's the touch I crave most though. Someone who believes in me.

The pool I'm fishing from on OKCupid may not be to my liking (Cheese Wiz? Seriously?), but I think the biggest obstacle in the online dating debacle is that I'm not really ready for anyone new.


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