Monday, December 31, 2012

♫...And I'll be singing 'Auld Lang Syne' alone...♫

As I've stated in previous posts about New Year's Resolutions, I don't make them. I find the whole concept ludicrous. You don't need a certain day on the calendar to start making changes in your life. The beginning of a new year is not going to magically make it easier.
May 7th 2011.
That's the day I decided that I was sick of all the weight I'd gained. I took action and today I'm 60 pounds lighter. The day doesn't matter. The drive, the dedication, the willingness to take matters into your own hands, accept responsibility and take action...that's what matters.
Ironically though, I find myself at the moment where I need to make some tough changes...and it just so happens to be the last night of the year...I'm also VERY drunk.

These are not resolutions...because people seldom stick with their New Year's Resolutions longer than a month...these are promises to myself...changes I've needed to make for a long time:
1. I will stop waiting around for something that is never going to happen.
2. I will not chase after anyone...except Benedict Cumberbatch.
3. I will improve my circumstances no matter what it takes.
4. I will get this goddamn book finished or die trying.
5. No more tequila. Ever. I'm not 20 anymore.

I am already so fucking drunk that I've reached the point where I feel like crap (because I'm spending the evening with my family, & not naked...with Benedict Cumberbatch)...because I didn't follow my Neurochemistry teacher's I don't really give a fuck how this post ends...Have a happy fucking New Year...



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