Monday, October 1, 2012

♫...I'm not living in the real world...♫

   When you are a female who has reached her 30's having never been married, sans offspring, and your dating life resembles that of a barren, dry, wasteland hit by an atomic bomb...people like to make assumptions.
The most popular of those being:
  • She's a closeted lesbian: I'd love it if I were a lesbian. There's no way I would be closeted. I'd be loud and proud. Unfortunately, my preferences mostly teeter towards penis flavored delights. 
  • She's too picky: So what if I am? There's nothing wrong with having standards. I refuse to settle. If that means I'm living with a house full of chihuahuas, so be it. Better a house full of animals than a man I'm sick of looking at and can't talk to.
  • She's had some tragic thing mar her for life: Yeah, okay. I was in an abusive relationship. Doesn't mean I think all men are assholes.
The simple truth is that it just happened.
I didn't plan on it. I don't mourn the fact.
I just don't care.
I'm about to be 33, I'm single, childless, and it doesn't bother me. There are many more positives to my circumstances than there are negatives. So why does society look at women like me as pariahs? My theory is a nasty case of jealousy. However, I've decided to dust off my Sociology degree, and start using my life as a social experiment...and utilizing this blog to keep a record of my findings...and...

... to find out what happens... when I stop being polite... and start getting real...


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