Tuesday, August 14, 2012

♫...Lay there and hate me...♫

10 Things I Hate About You...
10 Things You Would Hate About Me

1. Everything can be related to Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Supernatural: EVERYthing. Every goddamn thing imaginable. You have a boil on your butt? I will probably be able to relate it to one, two, or all three shows. 

2. I have a mouth like a sailor: I've been fucking told that I curse way too fucking much...and I told that motherfucker to fuck off. This is amplified by 100 when I'm driving. 

3. Mornings/Sleep: I'm a bitch in the morning. I hate waking up when I have to get up...but if you wake me up before I have to get up...there.will.be.blood. Messing with me before noon is like poking an angry bear with a stick. I will fuck you up.


4. Sex: Everything out of my mouth is normally a sexual innuendo...or sexual in nature...unless I'm around my family...or trying VERY hard to behave myself. Also, I have a very high, very hard to please sex drive with a high does of kinkiness thrown in for flavor. 

5. Diet: I'm hardcore about my diet and exercise plan. I get really pissed off when people try to make me deviate from it...or tell me to just eat something I know I'm not supposed to eat. Keep it up and I'll fucking eat YOU...okay, not really...but I will stab you in the face with my fork.


6. My Pets: Don't ever attempt to tell me that it's you or them. Cuz, I'm going to choose them.

7. Good Times: My idea of a good time is laying in a fort made out of sheets, watching Doctor Who (or other assorted geekiness), drinking, and then going at it like it's our last night on earth.


8. World of Warcraft: When I'm playing, if you're not in Azeroth...I will completely forget that you exist.


9. Broadway: Almost all of my life I harbored an intense desire to be an actor...stage or screen, didn't matter. Musical theater holds a special place in my heart, and although I can NOT sing...I will burst out into random Broadway showtunes at the drop of a hat. In everyday conversation, if something makes me think of a showtune, I'll break out into song. I regret nothing.


10. Benedict Cumberbatch: He has ruined me for all men. 



Scooter said...

Hold on.... Let me think of a way to sing about this....

Okay I can't. Lol. But I love that you burst into song!! I do it too!! And as far as Benedict Cumberbatch goes.... If he's ruined all men for you, then go for women!!! :D

I fucking love your fucking foul mouth. :)

Whiskey Sour said...

I fucking love YOU, goddamnit!


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