Tuesday, July 31, 2012

♫...Too much information driving me insane...♫

I haz internetz again!...just in time to give you a smutty...

10 things for TMI Tuesday
(you may want to skip this one)

1. My Fondest Fantasy: A man dressed as a Prohibition Era gangster (3 piece suit, fitted...unf!) ties me up, and has his wicked way with me. This man usually looks like Dean Winchester in my head...and last Season on Supernatural they added fuel to this raging fire by giving me this:

2. I have a freckle on my butt...and 2 on my lady bits....no idea how that happened. I'm covered in freckles, so maybe it's just genetics...or maybe it's all that skinny dipping I did in my younger days.

3. I really like role-playing...I think it's the theater geek in me that refuses to die...or maybe I just like wearing costumes.

4. Post workout orgasms are the bee's knees.

5. I really don't like to flirt with guys...most of the time they read WAY too much into a little bit of friendly flirting...so I've kinda just stopped flirting all together...unless I really want to fuck your brains out...which is mostly just Benedict Cumberbatch...in my head.

6. An ex once gave me a pair of handcuffs with my name engraved on them. When we went our separate ways (amicability) I let him keep them (at his request, for the fond memories). As of last month, he still has them.

7. I learned all my super special blowjob skills from books...cuz reading rocks.


Text From The Whedonverse



Texts From The Tardis

Bonus: I frequently watch What's Your Number just to see a mostly naked Chris Evans...


**As always, none of these gifs or images were created by me...and were all found on Tumblr**


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