Sunday, June 24, 2012

♫...Stay off that whiskey...♫

   I've been slightly productive this weekend. Which just means I've done a little more than lay around the house like a slug. I half-assed the grand cleanup of my room...that I've been avoiding. I'm getting a new (much bigger) bed, and, therefore, need to clean and rearrange everything. Cleaning my room makes me want to commit ritual suicide...but I did manage to get a good chunk of it done. The most enjoyable part was that I listed to Punk Radio on Spotify the entire time...and it felt like I was in high school again.

   The Midsummer Fire Festival is in full swing on WoW (World of Warcraft), and it is the very last WoW holiday that I will ever force myself to endure (thanks to some changes coming in the new expansion).  I've been playing WoW since 2006, and I'm just now about to get my 'What A Long Strange Trip It's Been' achievement. Why? Because WoW holidays have the tendency to make me want to punch people in the face...and then set my own hair on fire. I started the Midsummer Fire Festival quests/achievements in 2007...and this weekend is the first time I've worked on them since. All I have left to do is the annoying as hell Torch Juggler thing...and it's making me crazy. Like I seriously want to bust out my super awesome Destruction Warlock moves, and burn all of Azeroth to the ground (the bits that Deathwing hasn't burned already anyway).

   I'm exercising, and taking my vitamins again. Not only does this make me feel superior to you, it makes me super horny. Sooner or later I'm going to start rubbing myself up against everything I come into contact with. I've also found the BEST way to lose weight EVER. On my iPhone I have this app called Fooducate. First off, you use the little camera to scan bar codes on food/drinks...which I'm sure I enjoy way too much. When I first downloaded it, I went around the house scanning absolutely everything like some kind of crazed grocer. The reason this is a great way to lose weight is that you will never, ever want to eat anything you scan...unless you have a lot of unprocessed, organic food. It'll scare the ever lovin' bejeezus out of you. 

  Tom Hiddleston needs to stop being so makes me daydream about being the meat in a Hiddleston/Cumberbatch sandwich...and it's really hard to concentrate on my work when I'm daydreaming about all the super fun ways that could go down...................

This would be like porn for me.
Thank you, whomever made this.

...I'll be in my bunk...


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