Wednesday, May 30, 2012

♫...I'm going crazy again...♫

   Last Wednesday morning I experienced several moments of extreme paranoia. So much so that I seriously began to question my sanity.  Before I tell you my brief little tale, you need to know 2 things about two of the stories I'm currently writing:

  1. The main story that I'm working on involves faeries, and there is a strong presence of ravens...that figures in to the rest of the series.
  2. Another story I'm writing has the heroine entering another world by driving through some thick ass fog. In fact, the fog starts off pretty light...and then gets thicker and thicker until she can't see a damn thing.

So, last Wednesday morning at about 6 o'clock in the goddamn morning, I drug my half dead carcass out of the house, and towards my blindingly yellow, tiny little Smart car. In my mostly undead state, I half noticed that the mushrooms are coming back, heralding the faeire that my mother pissed off. As I pulled out of my drive way and began to make my way through the neighborhood, I noticed that there were mushrooms spread throughout the neighborhood now This lead to the thought, "Great, she's recruiting in order to trap us all in a huge mushroom circle. Then I noticed a closely packed semicircle of mushrooms in different sizes...and three mother fucking ravens sitting in the semicircle staring at me...which is like something STRAIGHT OUT OF MY BOOK! I was a bit taken say the least...especially since I've been noticing more and more of those bastards around me lately. It's not like I JUST started writing about them either...I've been writing about them for a very long time. That's also when I noticed that there was a thin blanket of fog spreading out through my little town. As I approached the interstate on ramp, the fog began getting thicker and thicker. I made it onto the interstate, and the more I drove, the thicker the damn fog got...until I could barely see in front of me!!!! This is when I really began to question my sanity. Was I venturing into my own story? Was I still asleep, having a very lucid dream (my dreams are quite vivid, but still...)? Was I in a loony bin, and lost in my own demented mind? WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON??? 

I'm quite positive I looked like a crazy person, gripping the wheel, and wide eyed with apprehension. It was unsettling...but at least now I can write my characters a little better...the things I suffer through for my art!


Iconic Marquee said...

Dear blog-mama. May I be your proof-reader? I promise to always lie and tell you your writing is good, even when it isn't! :D

Scooter said...

I second that motion!! :D

Whiskey Sour said...

lol! You guys! I love you both dearly! If I ever get the chance to actually work on my books again...sigh.

Amanda said...

I promise not to lie to you.

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