Friday, May 11, 2012

♫...I got that Nerd Rage...♫

  • Whenever I'm stuck in traffic...which is at least an hour and half (more when there's even a minor accident) every weekday...I do my Kegel exercises. 
  • I have pretty bad road rage...and I hate driving. This one lady in a HUGE SUV cut me off twice yesterday in less than 5 minutes. First, she had a stop sign and decided not to stop at it, and instead pulled out right in front of me...and acted like I was supposed to yield the right of way to her (I didn't have a stop sign). THEN, she was stopped at another stop sign and I was driving down the road (no stop sign) and she launches her land yacht out right in front of me at the last minute (I'm sure she thought it was revenge for me not stopping when she ran the stop sign), and I had to slam on my breaks. I was quite animated in my cursing her ancestors in a way that would make sailors and courtesans blush. 
  • If I'm staring into 'space' I'm either thinking about a story I'm writing. Fantasizing about Benedict Cumberbatch. Fantasizing about Dean Winchester. Fantasizing about the 11th Doctor. Or all of the above.
  • I didn't lose my virginity until 2 months before I turned 20. It was not with the person I wanted to be my first. I wanted my high school sweetheart to be the first, but I grew up in a really strict religious environment, and I was terrified to go that far. So, I lost it to my ex-fiance who was very controlling, and not very  nice.
  • Carry On My Wayward Son makes me weepy thanks to Supernatural.
  • My OTP is River and Eleven (Doctor Who), and people who demand/insist that Rose it the love of the Doctor's life (his ONLY love) annoy me. Let me rant at you for a moment: 
  • THE DOCTOR’S FIRST COMPANION WAS HIS GRANDDAUGHTER, SUSAN! His granddaughter, people. That means that The Doctor, back on Gallifrey, before he took off in the TARDIS, had at least one child…and we can assume that he was possibly married at one point back then as well. My point is, do your Who research before you make asinine statements about who the doctor ‘loves more than anyone’ or bitch about him marrying River, etc…etc…He has loved before, he has married before (Hell, he married Elizabeth I!), he will continue to do so as long as he’s out there exploring time and space…it doesn’t mean he loves someone else more than another someone…I believe he has a great capacity to love, and he never forgets any of his companions, or ceases to love them once they are gone (platonic or otherwise). I’ll leave you with this bit of triva about his granddaughter. Susan was an alias. According to one account, her name on Gallifrey was Arkytior, which, in High Gallifreyan, means Rose.


Scooter said...

Very lovely. :) Secrets make friends. Lol. And you have a very interesting mind. That's why I adore your blog.

Whiskey Sour said...

I'm glad you find it interesting. Most people find it slightly psychotic...and I find it hard to concentrate on anything except sex, zombies, food and Benedict Cumberbatch. I love your mind too! Work is sucking the life out of me or I'd comment more. I'm a FAILURE!!! *stabs self...but it's with bread so it's okay*

Amanda said...

I wonder if the woman in the Land Yacht was my mom?

Whiskey Sour said...

Hee hee...I hope not!

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