Wednesday, April 25, 2012

♫...We'd like to welcome you all again to the world of vibrations...♫

I'm pissed.

I mean, like, throwing things, gonna throw my self off the roof in protest, going to commit a federal crime PISSED.

Today was a very difficult day. It was hard to soldier on through and keep my chin up. However, I did just that...all with the thought, "I just have to make it through the day, and then I'll go home and my brand new, shiny, purple vibrator will be waiting for me!"


The fucking post office is holding it hostage. My fucking, small town, 2 person, rinky dink post office left me a fucking letter to come pick up my package. My brother either didn't hear the doorbell ring, or ignored it and lied about it to me...or they didn't even fucking bother. Now my sweet, vibraty goodness is locked in that teeny, tiny, brick, hole in the wall, building. WHAT'S MORE is that I leave for work before they open and get home after they've closed. So either they are going to end up sending it back...or I'm going to have to send my mother to pick it up. Which is awkward...and she'll probably forget. 

I thought about breaking in...and they I remembered it would be a federal crime...and then I still considered it for a few moments before I decided that they eat me alive (and not in a good way) in federal prison. So, if anything out of the ordinary happens down wasn't me...I was here the whole time...I have witnesses. 

This fucking SUCKS ASS.
*curls into a ball and cries*



Scooter said...

I vote send mom. Fuck how awkward it is. Text her a million times and remind her.

Or "get sick" and go home early. >_>;

Whiskey Sour said...

Can't leave early even if I am sick. That doesn't fly there. You have to make up the time, or get written up.
I can't depend on my mother, or brothers (my brother was home & wouldn't answer the door), so I'm going to have to wait until they redeliver it tomorrow. Grrr

Scooter said...

That royally sucks. Where do you work? Can you go over your lunch break?

Whiskey Sour said...

I would have to tell ya privately. I don't want my blog connected to my real identity, as there are ppl at that job who bully me, & I don't want to risk them finding this blog.
I work an hour away from my house! Longer when the traffic is bad (every afternoon!).
You can take time off if you have sick or vacation time...& it's approved...& it has to be at least 4 hours (nothing less)...but I can't use my vacation or sick time until I've been there 6 months.

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