Wednesday, April 18, 2012

♫...Something 'bout lonely nights...♫

  Do you guys ever have to keep yourself from emailing someone? I mean, you really want to talk to someone...but you know you probably should just leave them alone? I'm not talking about emailing/messaging someone who is bad for you...toxic friends, abusive ex-boyfriends, idiots who treated you badly...I'm not talking about people like that at all. I'm referring to someone you actually enjoying spending time talking to...someone who is a positive, enriching part of your life. I have this tendency to not want to bother people with my chatter (except for Amanda. She's my brain twin/other half of my twisted little soul/partner in crime...and I'll bother her endlessly...with only mild regret for forcing my crazy on her...lovez you!), and so I don't send messages/emails that I really want to send...even though I really want to talk to that person...but I don't want to bother them...and it's probably best that I leave them alone...and I'm probably annoying them. So I don't do it. Even though I want to...really badly.

Basically, I'm a neurotic mess.

Social Anxiety at it's finest. You can't pay for this kind of excitement, folks.


4/19/12 - 5:53am: Should have listened to my instincts. 


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