Friday, April 20, 2012

♫...Just check out some facts...♫

  • When I was a pre-teen (and in my early teens too) those dark times before the internet...I had a HUGE 8 gazillion subject notebook in which I would write, what is now known as, Fanfiction. I would create stories about about my favorite tv shows and movies....usually about my favorite characters...and sometimes creating a character for that I could interact with my favorite characters. It was awful...and it was NC-17 smut/
  • Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin...and I COULDN'T be happier. I love Slytherin. It's a very misunderstood, and wonderful House. We protect and stand up for each other...which is a trait I highly value. Also, my wand is 12 3/4 inches, maple and has a Dragon heartstring as its core (it's also what Hermione and Professor McGonagall have as their wand core)...and it's surprisingly swishy! HOUSE PRIDE, MOFOs! 
<via this awesome Tumblr user>
  • When I was a pre-teen (yeah, this seems to be a pre-teen heavy edition), I used to dance around my room to Temptation by Corina...taking my clothes off...pretending I was a stripper. 
  • As a child...I used to do interpretative dance to The Little Mermaid and Oliver and Company soundtracks...sometimes I'd dress up...and this one time, I got my younger brother involved as my lighting guy (he held a flashlight), and we turned out the lights and I did an interpretive dance to Poor Unfortunate Souls...complete with spinning, swishy skirt to mimic Ursula's tentacles...for my mum. I don't think she was amused.


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