Saturday, April 21, 2012

I speak for the trees.

Ladies and Gents, let's talk about sex.
Most of the sex I've been having lately has been with myself.
Which is just fine, because:
  1. I can more than get the job done.
  2. No one is complaining because I'm fantasizing about Benedict Cumberbatch the whole time.
It's times like these when I regularly thank the sweet baby raptor jesus for my sex toys. Not only do they add some spice to the occasions when I'm not alone (I love the look on a new partner's face when they see my toy box for the first time), but they also add sweet vibratey goodness to the times when I must Ya-Ya the Sisterhood myself. know...I'm a fan.

I'm also a fan of doing what you can to give back to the Earth. I like trees. Trees are pretty, they provide shade on the rare occasions that I leave the climate controlled haven of my house, and they help me breathe. Big fan of breathing most days. 

That's why I'm thrilled that EdenFantasys has partnered with Evolved Novelties to 'help build the forest of Eden"! Now through April 23rd, when you purchase any Evolved Novelties product, you will not only receive 25% off, but they will also donate one tree to! If you want to feel even better about making a purchase, buy dear Faith here (portions of the proceeds go to the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation)...and then give her to me. You'll be saving money, the earth, the boobies, and giving me more fun time with my fantasies of Benedict. At this rate, you might even receive the Nobel Peace Prize.


Scooter said...

Sex toys and saving trees?? I'M IN!!!

Whiskey Sour said...

I just bought one!! Tee hee!

Amanda said...

"Ya Ya the Sisterhood myself." *dies*

and yay toys and trees!

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