Wednesday, March 14, 2012

♫...1,000 more fools are being born every fucking day...♫

Oh. My. Fucking. GOD. Alabama, I now have irrefutable proof that a vast majority of you are too fucking stupid to be let out of the house on your own. Seriously, that helmet that they've been telling you to keep in your house for tornadoes, go ahead and put it on your tiny, already damaged brains. HOW??? How can you rationalize supporting this man?

This is some elaborate fucking joke, right? I mean this whole Rick Santorum thing is, right? I mean any minute now Sacha Baron Cohen is going to pop out of his chest and say, "SURPRISE!", right?

True, I'm not a fan of any of the GOP candidates...and can you blame me? This dude, though, is the FUCKING worst.
  • He wants to nullify happy, loving marriages just because the couples are gay!
  • He said that the fabric of our nation is falling apart because of single moms.
  • He thinks people who want/have a college education are snobs...and that all a college education is is 'indoctrination'.
  • He'd put Don't Ask, Don't Tell back into play.
  • He thinks you can't be liberal and a Christian...RELIGION HAS NO PLACE IN POLITICS, ASSHOLE.
  • He thinks birth control is harmful to women and society because it allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want without consequences...he thinks that sex outside of marriage is wrong. He says that contraceptives are not okay, and that it gives a license to do things 'in the sexual realm' that are counter to how they are supposed to be. He's gone so far as to call contraception 'evil'. He also thinks that birth control is cheap...I guess to someone with his money, it is. 90% of women in the US use some form of birth control. It is used to prevent everything from STDs, to unwanted pregnancies, to health related concerns. It also gives women the right to control when and if they want to start a family...and he thinks that's a bad thing.
  • He thinks free prenatal testing leads to abortions.
  • He thinks feminism ruined America because it gave women another option for happiness besides being a wife and mother.
  • He believes that women are too 'emotional' to serve on the front lines of our military.
  • He makes up things about our President, history, and other countries...not based on anything even remotely resembling facts.
  • He says that pregnancy from rape is a gift from god and the woman should just accept it.
  • He thinks any doctor who performs abortion should be criminally charged.
  • He's likened homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality.
  • He doesn't think gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to be parents.
  • He's pro-drilling EVERYWHERE for oil.
  • He seriously doesn't believe that people in our country DIE from lack of health insurance.
  • He believes that gay marriage threatens heterosexual marriage and 'traditional' values.
  • He says if the Supreme Court allows gay marriage they would have to also allow bigamy, polygamy, incest, adultery, and 'everything else'.
  • He calls the rape and pedophilia of children by Catholic priests 'a basic homosexual relationship'.
  • He said that we cannot celebrate diversity because it creates conflict.
  • He said that suffering is 'good'.
  • He's against non-procreative sex - even for married couples.
  • He flat out said that higher income people don't have to pay taxes if they don't want to...and likens the Occupy movement to terrorism.
  • He thinks climate change is a hoax and dealing with it will destroy the 'very foundation of prosperity in our country'.
  • He's against a separation of church and state.
  • He's racist.
  • He's sexist.
  • He's homophobic.
  • He's said that he is FOR income inequality.
  • He thinks all laws should be based on Judeo-Christian 'values'.
  • He supported a plan to end Medicare/Medicaid.
  • He said that it was wrong that President Obama apologized after some of our troops in Afghanistan burned copies of the Koran.
  • "There are people who were gay and lived the gay lifestyle and aren’t anymore. I don’t know if that’s the similar situation or that’s the case for anyone that’s black. It’s a behavioral issue as opposed to a color of the skin issue, and that’s the diff for serving in the military." WHAT THE HOLY HELL DID I JUST READ?
  • When explaining that climate science is 'bogus' in Mississippi, he said that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous to plants.
  • "Mr Santorum promises to "triple the personal deduction for children and eliminate the marriage tax penalty". What does any of this have to do with economic freedom? If paying people to have children makes them more free, why don't the childless deserve equal freedom? Because freedom is the freedom to do God's will and God wants us to have big families? The "pro-family" elements of Mr Santorum's plan are transparent attempts at social engineering through fiscal policy." ~ The Economist

You can look all of this up. Hell, you can watch video of him saying over 90% of this. This man is a lunatic. What he wants is a theocracy...a government that is ruled by religion. HIS religion. No thank you.

You want to know what a country run by Rick Santorum looks like? Go read The Handmaid's Tale.

Alabama, in short, I hate you. I want out of you so bad...and what scares me the most is that if you agree with this man, you're obviously not using birth control, and you're just going to spawn another generation of racist/sexist/bigoted/unintelligent sheep.

UPDATE: Here's an article at Jezebel that's just too perfect for me to not share.


Amanda said...

I hate it when they breed....and they always do.

Whiskey Sour said...

By the fucking dozens! I'm vagina was not meant to spit out 20+ kids...I'm a human, not an Irish Setter.

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