Friday, February 3, 2012

♫...They raise the girls on gator down...♫

   I hate this thing. Someone gave this to my dad while he was in Louisiana on business (he practically lives there), and he insists on having it on the living room mantel. He especially enjoys shining a light at it to make the red eyes glow...Maybe it's my XX chromosomes, but I just don't get it. Plus, I hate to think of how the poor thing died. 

EDIT: Billy explained the whole male trophy/fear thing...and all I have to say is I still don't like looking at the ugly thang when I drunkenly stumble through the living's like it's staring at me...judging me with it's fake, beady, red eyes...YOU CAN'T TAME ME GATOR! STOP JUDGING ME!


Scooter said...

Poor alligator. :(

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