Tuesday, February 28, 2012

♫...One of these things is not like the others...♫

10 Bits of Evidence That Proves That I was Either Swapped at Birth, am a Changling, or My Mother Is An Alien, and She Stole Me When Her People Invaded The Earth and Disguised Themselves As Humans As They Await The Proper Time to Exterminate Us All.

1. Exclamations of Dismay, Disgust, Alarm and general annoyance.

2. Regularly Watched Television Programs

3. The Great Debate
(Hunger Games Edition)

4. Clothing Style

5. Gettin' our drank on!

6. Our Menz

7. Music

8. The Holy Land
(where we want to live)

9. Pastimes/Hobbies
(we both read and write, so I left that off...)

10. The Zombie Apocalypse

...there is, however, one piece of undeniable proof that I might actually be her child...or she's tampered with my genes...


Iconic Marquee said...

I was totally on your side until about halfway through, and now I'm just confused.

Does your mom have a blog? :P

I kid, I would never leave you <3 Your aim with that shotgun is too good, I'd never make it off the lawn. >.>

Amanda said...

ahahahahahahaha That shit's hysterical! that Zombie Apocalypse one totally almost made me pee my pants! love it! I know y'all are tight though!

Whiskey Sour said...

Seriously though, I'll try to preserve both of my parents during the zombie apocalypse simply for their wilderness survival skills. The brothers, I will personally spoon feed to a zombie.

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