Saturday, February 4, 2012

♫...larger than life women in lingerie...♫

   Ladies and gents, I love lingerie. Something about slipping into some nice lingerie just alters my mood in a very fun way. I know a lot of women who groan when lingerie is mentioned, and argue that they prefer their sensible cotton undies to my love of lace and silk. That's their prerogative. I think it's important to wear what you're comfortable in...but I also love wearing what makes me feel sexy and slightly wicked. If you're wearing something that is chafing or cutting off your circulation you're definitely not going to enjoy wearing it, and it will probably make you feel decidedly unsexy. Also, I think the lingerie you wear should, first and foremost, be for you.

For today, however, we are going to do lingerie the Ruby way.

   Believe it or not, I prefer to wear vintage inspired things...and if I had my own place to lounge around in, I would do so in vintage inspired slips and dressing gowns/robes. I think I was born in the wrong era, because these things make me feel extremely feminine and sexy.

  Next, I like to sport lingerie that might fit into a category labeled 'classy'. This goes against everything most people who knew me growing up think about me, I'm sure. During my teen years, and most of my 20s, I was what you might call a 'Punk Rock Gurl'. My wardrobe consisted of jeans, bondage pants, band tshirts, and converse. My hair changed a multitude of colors thanks to Manic Panic. Now, I still listen to the same music and have one of my facial piercings still...and a bit of manic panic still boosts my red...but my tastes in clothes and lingerie have changed vastly.

I like to call this "Getting Into Character"...I was always a theater geek, and part of the appeal to theater, for me, was the costumes. It's fun. EdenFantasys has a great selection.

This is my getting down to business outfit....hee hee.

  Whatever your style, make it uniquely your own and have fun with it. Nothing is sexier than someone feeling good about themselves and having fun!


Amanda said...

I love, love, love something slightly sexy and soft and also on the vintage side. It's kind of funny how we have such similar tastes! I will say, since I knew you when we were but the wee age of 14 and knew your clothing style then, I'm not at all surprised at your pick of lingerie. You're tough, but I also know you have a softer side and I think you just pick lingerie that reflects that.

That said, I also agree that any lingerie you wear should be ultimately what you feel most comfortable and sexy in. If you can wear it for yourself and feel sexy with no one around, then if you wear it for your partner, they will see the sexy of you in it. For me, I don't really like overly revealing things. I like to keep it classy and simple. But, of course, a little role play never hurts either. ;)

Ruby 'VooDoo' LeBeau said...

You're awesome! You do know me so well! Probably because we exist in some sort of brain symbiosis. Also, because we rock so hard.

My way of thinking is, if I'm wearing something that makes me feel sexy, it's going to show...and that in turn will project sexiness to my partner and they will be all, "Hell yes, you are a sexy mofo, come here and do me!"

Scooter said...

*note to self* - Wear something that makes you feel sexy...

I'm filing that little tidbit away in my "Things I Learned From Ruby's Blog" file in my brain. :P

Whiskey Sour said...

Yay! I feel like I've contributed a little light to the world now...instead of my usual void of sucking darkness! =D

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