Wednesday, February 29, 2012

♫...I'd like to sip the sap from your tree...♫

February 2012 Highlight Reel
...broken down my subject for your convenience.

Benedict "I want to produce a small army of children with him" Cumberbatch:

Stupid People: 
There were so many.

My Mum:

Some Hash Tags are so fun I'm obligated to participate

Me, Me, Me:
Just me, being me...


Iconic Marquee said...

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.

You're even better in bite-sized format, and I didn't think you could get any better than you are. :P

"I'm all pro-no-human-being-coming-out-of me, but then BC goes all "I just want a family", and my uterus is all "WE VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!""

I seriously. I just. I mean.

Also, I don't know if you even meant the double entendre in "The British Are Coming", but I like to think you did. :P

I'm glad I doodled you in rabbit form now. I shall preserve it creepily in a jar, and sing to it every night before I go to sleep in the hope it will come to life.

Whiskey Sour said...

You're fantastic! My awesome adopted son!

I totally meant the double entendre there, I have a terribly dirty mind.

Be sure to sing showtunes to it...and promise of sexy naughty time with Benedict Caggage-patch!

Amanda said...

The one about Adele made me snort. laugh snort. not cocaine snort. And then, when I read the one about "some friends think when I hit my goal weight, I'll start taking my clothes off" I TOTALLY thought "uh...she does that anyway..." and then! the next one! I laughed heartily, Brain Twin!

Whiskey Sour said...

I luuuurrrrvvvveee you!

Scooter said...

I saw this on Learn From My Fail and thought of you!

I’d Like To Benedict Your Cumberbatch Mar. 1, 2012

No matter how much you adore the pure awesomeness of Benedict Cumberbatch’s deep sensual voice, do not describe it to your friends as being “like aural sex.” Out loud it sounds way dirtier than in your head. #LFMF

Iconic Marquee said...

I thought you should know that when you google Busty Zombie Hookers From Space google tries to correct it to Best Zombie Hookers From Space.

And I'm all like, I don't want the Best Zombie Hooker From Space, I want a Busty Zombie Hooker From Space!

Long story short, you know have a permalink on my homepage and in my skype chats so I never have to be without. :P

Whiskey Sour said...

@Scooter: OH MY GOD, That sounds like something I would a room full of family no less! I laughed my fool head off!

@My son: Yay! I feel so special! =D
Google, however, needs to get its act together and recognize!

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