Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Another Year of Anti-Lent'...or 'I'm Probably Going To Hell'...

   I can't believe that I almost forgot! Today is Fat Tuesday, or what I call 'flash my boobs at people for beads day'! Seriously though, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and Lent begins for those out there who observe it. I don't observe it. I usually participate in the opposite of Lent...meaning I indulge my vices even more, and place bets with myself on whether or not I'll survive.

Last year I participated in the 46 Days of Anti-Lent...and I really encourage you to give it a try, if you  haven't already. Like the original post says, instead of giving something up...you'll spend 46 days indulging in things. The list starts on March 9th (because I think that's when Lent began that year), but you can start it tomorrow...just make a copy and change the dates...or whatever...DON'T MAKE IT DIFFICULT, DAMNIT!

If you participate, let me know about any little adventures and fun you have!


Iconic Marquee said...

This is so amazing. I found your post about this from LAST YEAR ages ago, and totally have already started!

Today I've just taken. Rxtras of everything. Borrowed several pens, sheets of paper. Friend's chocolate. Seats on the bus.

It's simultaneously liberating, yet I also can't help but feel bad. I have an excuse though, so I don't REALLY feel bad.

It's totally ok because Ruby told me to do it. :P

Whiskey Sour said...

Aren't things just SO much easier when you have permission?!
I'm glad you're having fun! tee hee (c:

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