Monday, January 9, 2012

♫...Your foot is firmly entrenched where a molar should be...♫

Day 9: What are your 'deal-breakers'?

Depends on what you're referring to. For the sake of time and what's left of my sanity, I'll assume this is referring to 'relationship' deal-breakers. Things I simply will not tolerate/cannot live with. Some of these will be dead serious, and others will have a slightly more humorous tone to them. The thing is, if you're pissing me off or annoying the ever loving hell out of me, I'm going to tell you. I won't mince words or try to do it subtly,   and I don't try to 'change' people. At this point in my life, we are either compatible or we are not, I'm not going to take a rock and try to hope or pray or nag or hammer him into Dean Winchester. 

  • The obvious things, obviously. I will not tolerate anyone who is abusive (emotionally, physically, verbally, psychologically) to people or animals. Being mean to my 'pets' (I consider my pets family) will not be tolerated in any form.  I also will not tolerate sexist, racist, homophobic assholes. If you're a bigot:

  • Simply put, if you're a Republican you're probably not going to get in my knickers...and you're probably not going to want to as I am obsessively Pro-Choice and Pro-Birth Control...and Pro-Woman.  Don't worry, I sometimes horrify Democrats too.
  • If you're a teetotaler. It just wouldn't work. The fact of the matter is I would dance on table tops and you'd sit there hating me...jealous of my awesome. I don't date addicts of any kind though.
  • I cannot deal with those people who get so angry/violent over a sports game. If you're the type of person who gets angry and stays in a bad mood because the team you were rooting for lost...we will not get along. It is entirely possible to enjoy a game and not let it turn you into a mindless, raging, screaming anger-ball and be grumpy and angry about it for days afterwards. In fact, tonight I'll be watching the LSU v Alabama (Geaux Tigers!) rematch with a house full of people who won't be emotionally effected by the outcome at all
  • You make fun of nerdy/geeky people. Seriously. They are my people. I enjoy cons and cosplay, World of Warcraft, comic books, Science Fiction, Fantasy and everything that goes along with it. Do not disrespect my people!

  • Prudes. You all know how I am. I am overtly sexually on the internet. I'm even worse in person.



Amanda said...

Well, there goes my chances of having a relationship with you! I've been told I watch football like a man. And I do yell at the t.v.

And I still have my "WAR EAGLE!" sign in my window from last year's National Championship. But, it's serving a dual purpose, as it hides the gigantic hole in my blinds. You know what they can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl. Hey, at least it's not a sheet! (that's hanging in my bedroom window hehehe)

Ruby LeBeau said...

For you, I'm willing to overlook it. (c;
It's mainly about an ex who would get so angry that he would break things & be in a pissy mood (that he took out on me) for weeks!

Ruby LeBeau said...
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