Friday, January 13, 2012

♫...wanna get you in my pleasure dome...♫

Day 13: Do you have any kinks?

A few in my neck.
Ha ha. I'll be here all week...
No, seriously, have you met me? Have you read this blog? Of course I have kinks. I had a good number of them before I started watching Supernatural, and now, thanks to being so embedded in the fandom, I've developed a wide assortment of new ones. You only get to hear about one of them of the 'tame' ones....and I'm basing this one off the Fanficton definition of 'kink' ("The term kink has a somewhat different connotation in reference to fan fiction than it does in mainstream culture. Sexual tropes or situations are often referred to as kinks whether or not they are particularly "adventurous." via) because I don't broadcast my 'love' life, sorry.

Guys dressed in what I call 'Mobster/Gangster' attire. When I say gangster, I mean of the Al Capone, Lucky Luciano variety...not of the baggy pants/lots of gold jewelry variety. It just flat out does it for me. Basically, what I'm saying is, I have a thing for guys in a three piece suit, fedora and long coat. I will lose all sense of control...and rational speech and thought will go completely out the window. 

Luckily, tonight I get to combine my (some say 'unhealthy') obsession with Dean Winchester with this particular 'kink'...and holy great mother of baby raptor jesus, I am going to die if the pictures are any indication of what this episode is going to be like! 

This is what I saw:

This was my instant reaction:




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