Monday, January 9, 2012

♫...Ruby's heart ain't beatin cause she knows the feelin' is gone...♫

A song you liked when you were younger 

I have a love/hate relationship with this song. First off, my name is Ruby and my real last name starts with an S, so people have been calling me Ruby Soho for 16 years...which I don't mind, really. When this song came out, I was a freshman in high school and Rancid was my favorite band (I was also in love with Lars), so I was beyond thrilled with it. Fast forward a few years, people are still singing it to me, plus, now I'm a pink haired misfit who has a terrible habit of falling for musicians who have no problem walking away from me. The song becomes my life...and it takes on a really depressing vibe for me. Fast forward again until now. I've broke myself of my musician habit, and not that many people sing it at me anymore...but I often walk through the house and hear my youngest brother sing, "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby's a HO" to this tune. *sigh*


Amanda said...

Every time I hear this song, I do think of you.

Ruby LeBeau said...

Tee hee. It seems like everyone our age, who has met me, thinks the same thing! I even had it on my checks for a while!

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