Tuesday, January 31, 2012

♫...Please don't hide your sexuality...♫

Day 31: Anything you want to post.

Found this on Tumbr, comment if it's yours and I'll give you credit.

  I am so GODDAMN sick of slut-shaming...and it just seems to me that it is more and more prevalent on my Twitter, Facebook, and even on my Tumblr Dashboard (where I go to get away from idiocy). I'm so sick of it that I'm going to stop giving a warning and just start deleting the people I see doing it. The thing that makes it so much fucking worse is that the majority of people doing it are other women! WHAT.THE.FUCK? It is not your job to police a woman's sex life...and it's none of your business! If I want to sleep with every single man and woman (of age) that I come in contact with, you will shut your big fucking mouth and mind the state of your own genitals. 

Educate yourself, get yourselves together, and stop it.


Scooter said...


Amanda said...

Preach! When ever someone calls me a slut, I just say "and your point is...?"

Ruby 'VooDoo' LeBeau said...

Yay, y'all! It makes me happy to see other fabulous women agreeing! Y'all rock.

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