Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Ruby: When the Zombie Apocalypse starts who do you hope too be with?

Q: When the Zombie Apocalypse starts who do you hope too be with?

A: Realistically speaking, I'm going to go for the obvious and say that I hope my family is nearby when all hell breaks loose. As much as I would like to say I'm badass enough not to need to look for them...I would totally spend my time trying to find them. Sure, they often make me want to beat my head against a brick wall in frustration and annoyance, but they are my family. To clarify, when I say family I mean Mum, Dad, 2 annoying brothers. I would like to think we could survive with our dogs and cat in tow...but I know that's not possible...and I don't want to think about it so shut up...

Next, there are certain friends that I would want with me...and only a handful of them live in the same state as I do right now. My brain twin and right hand lives in Arizona and she would most definitely have to be retrieved if the Zombie Apocalypse sprung up in the immediate future. A couple of my girls are in California, and there are a few more friends spread out over the country. Everyone pretty much knows who they are at this point. I'm not saying it's feasible or even remotely doable...but they are who I would like to have with me...not only are they beloved, but they are also badass and extremely capable of kicking zombie ass.

Now, if we could suspend reality for a moment, I would like to consider the Top 5 fictional characters that I would most like to have with me during the Zombie Apocalypse: (saying The Doctor would kind of be cheating)
1. Daryl Dixon (duh)
2. The Winchester Brothers
3. Katniss Everdeen
4. Alice from Resident Evil
5. Sherlock


Amanda said...

I'm always in training and ready to kick some zombie ass. I wonder where it will all begin? hmmmm

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