Sunday, January 8, 2012

♫...I'm drunk once again...♫

Day 8: What's one thing you've learned by getting older?

Sit back and relax because I am about to hit you with some knowledge. I'm going to impart unto you the most profound lesson I have learned since hitting my 30's:

In your 30's the simple act of waking up in the morning feels like the worst hangover ever from your 20's. Hangovers in your 30's feel like a goddamn atomic bomb has exploded in your head and is slowly poisoning every fiber of your very being, body and soul. You will want to will be convinced you are dying....and I'm talking about the normal everyday waking up bit.

Right now you're probably filled with horror, dread or understanding...and begging to know how you deal with this horror/impending body apocalypse. Well, lucky for you, I have step by step instructions:
You drag yourself out of bed. 
You make a pot of coffee or tea


Repeat last step as necessary.

Now...fuck off, I have an issue of Fables to read.


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