Wednesday, November 16, 2011

♫...You're just a little teddy bear...♫

Every year for their anniversary my parents take a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains. They love this place more than their three children and three furry children combined. I believe that I've mentioned before how they like to spend their time hiking and communing with nature, and how I find that more stressful than relaxing. After tonight, I think my dad my agree with me.

It seems, and this was relayed to me by phone via my mother, that my father had a close encounter with one of nature's fuzzy creatures tonight. After they arrived at their condo, mum went in to get settled and left dad outside to unload the truck. It was already dark outside, and suddenly my dad found himself face to face with a bear! Mum said that it kept coming toward him, and for some reason my dad decided to tell it 'NO!'. Luckily, the bear listens to my father better than his three children and three furry children, and it stopped. If I remember correctly, the bear was on it's hind legs at this point. Now, when you have a bear...'situation''re supposed to make yourself 'bigger'...or that is what my nature-loving, survivalist parents tell me. My father, who is 6'1 or 6'2 or maybe a bit taller, raised his arms and started growling at the bear. The bear was a little over 3 feet tall...according to mum...and I guess my dad's 'formidable' size made him decide to turn tail and run...or maybe the growling was bear for, "I am not very tasty" and the wee bear decided it was not worth the effort. Either way, mum made dad come sit down because he looked as if he was about to have a stroke. 


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