Wednesday, November 2, 2011

♫...Way you work your tongue can I hire you?...♫

10 Television Characters That Could Have Their Way With Me, No Questions Asked.
(No particular order)
...and, as always, I didn't make any of the gifs/images


The 11th Doctor: [Doctor Who] Come on. He's over 900 years old...and he, admittedly, likes 'bad' girls. So, a. I'd be right up his alley, and b. he's probably learned a few interesting things in all that time. Also, he's that geeky kind of awkward and sassy that just makes me all the right kinds of crazy.

I really want to snap his suspenders.....

Dean Winchester: [Supernatural] He's Dean Winchester. Duh. Dean. Winchester. Do you need any other reason than that? If you do, chances are you've never watched a great deal of Supernatural...if that's the case, go watch every single episode and then we'll talk again....DEAN MOTHER FREAKIN' WINCHESTER! Preferably, all this sexy time will go down in the back of the Impala.

I will remedy that right now, sir.

Shane Walsh: [The Walking Dead] Yes, he's made some epically bad decisions...and his whole rant about how women don't know how to turn the lights out should have turned me off right there at the beginning...but I don't call him 'Sexy Shane' for nothin' honey. Did you see the last episode...with him standing there naked as the day he was born? Which, coincidentally, I think he should stay that way from here on out....but, wait, I had a point...YES! His abs! Did you see that man's chest? Can I just rub his chest for a few moments, please? Momma likey!

Am I shallow?...
...Never mind, I don't care.

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort: [True Blood] BAMF HBIC, 'nuff said.


River Song: [Doctor Who] All the reasons above for Pam. River, like Pam, is a total badass...but at the very core of her, she is softhearted towards those she loves...her telling the Doctor that she would suffer more than every living being in the universe if she had to kill him...just makes me cry for days. Plus, she's sassy, and I love that.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds: [Firefly] Mal had it all. Let's just take a moment of silence to reflect on the sheer and utter perfection that was Malcolm Reynolds. Kindhearted, funny (do we see a pattern here?) and oh so very, he has his own hot is that?

Yup, definitely shallow....

Damon Salvatore: [The Vampire Diaries] Yes, I do have a thing for 'flawed' characters. That should have become obvious waaaaaaaaaaaay before now. I'd put him on this list for his eyes alone. All of Damon's problems stem from the fact that he loves so fiercely...and he can have me for dessert anytime. 

How do you do words?...*drools*
Crowley: [Supernatural] Okay, so he's a demon...and the king of hell. I have no way of justifying this except to say...Mark Sheppard...and his panty dropping accent...


Rory Williams: [Doctor Who] He's that geeky, awkward, sweet, funny, cute that I can't resist...and he waited for two thousand years for the woman he loved.

I love thick, black glasses...they is sexy...

Connor Temple: [Primeval] Connor would be my perfect match. He would be the guy that I would fall head over heels in love with, marry (shocking!) and have 10,000 babies (even MORE shocking!) with. If I were God, and I wanted to create my perfect mate, it would be Connor. 



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