Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All I want for Christmas is you...and Norman Reedus.

10 Completely Unrealistic Gifts That I Want For Christmas
(that you should totally get me)
**This is all in FUN, and I can't believe I actually HAVE to state that for some people**


My very own Time Lord and TARDIS

Dream Job

For Garrosh Hellscream (aka Jerkface) to not be Warchief and for my boo, Thrall, to come back.

Dean Winchester

My own creole townhouse in the the French Quarter

To be Arwen Undómiel

To Live in Azeroth 

That's Hecatate in the pic w/me, btw






Joy Marie said...

Awesome!! Oh, and...Yes, please! I want Reedus with a big red bow on him, in my bed on Christmas Eve!

P.S. Hope my fiance doesn't read this! ;)

Ruby LeBeau said...

Ahahahaha! You're secret is safe with me! (c;

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