Wednesday, November 30, 2011

♫...all I have to do is dream...♫

My favorite class in college was Motivation and Emotion. It was disguised as a senior level Psych class, and taught by my favorite Psychology professor so I jumped at the chance to take it last fall. On the first day of class, we discovered that it was actually a neurobiology/neuropsychology/neurochemistry type of class...and they didn't 'sell' it as such because no one would take it! It was both the most difficult and most entertaining class in the history of my college career. Because of that class, and in large part to the awesomeness of Dr. B, I fell in LOVE with neurobiology/neuropsychology/neurochemistry. Half of the class dropped out, then a third or more flunked it. I was one of the lucky few that passed, and I did so by studying harder than I ever have in my entire life...and psych was only my minor! 

Dr. B. taught us that dreams are only our brain's way of processing and storing memories. That was kind of a buzz kill because I love dreams. I think dreaming is one of the coolest things our brain does, and I loved to over-analyse my dreams before then. During that section of the class she reiterated the fact that what's on your mind before you go to sleep will likely show up in your dreams because it's fresh on your mind (I spent a lot of time dreaming about my study guides, as studying and then getting a good night's sleep is a very good way to do well on exams). I actually already knew this, which is why I watch Supernatural, Doctor Who, or something with Norman Reedus in it before bed..

...which brings us to the weird part....

Whenever I'm on one of my World of Warcraft benders I start to 'dream in WoW'. Let me give you an example: Let's say I'm having a wonderful dream where I'm about to have sexy time with Norman Reedus or in the TARDIS with the Doctor, or in the Impala with Dean ...Suddenly I will have to jump up, fear and chaos bolt a zombie and then loot the body (why it's a zombie and not WoW related should be obvious by now). The loot will invariably be some silver, some kind of cloth, and a glass of ice cold milk. Why a zombie would be carring around a glass of ice cold milk and how it came to be contained within an obviously spill proof glass is unimportant...thus is the norm in Azeroth. Sometimes I will also attempt to swirl the view around (like changing a camera angle to get a better/different look), and become frustrated when I'm stuck in first person. It's strange and funny...but annoying when it takes me away from other, arguably better, aspects of a dream. At least I usually look like Hecatate (my main toon) in them.

Hec says, "SUCK IT UP, BITCH!"


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